Effective™ mega detergent a new way of cleaning laundry – Compact convinient brighter and affordable


P&D Creative Co. offers one of the highest concentrations for liquid detergent on the market, with a softener and brightener all at an affordable price.

Ultra concentrated detergents are not new in the market; these types of products have existed in one form or another. What is different is that our Effective™ Mega detergent is super concentrated and optimized for the High-Efficiency washing machines with a triple action formula with a convenient pump. Effective™ offers benefits to both the consumer and the environment.
• The container is one fourth the size, which translates to less impact to the environment.
• All materials are recyclable.
• Effective™ uses less water, higher concentration, which uses less of our precious natural resources.
• Smaller containers and less shipping weight mean less fuel is needed to ship and store these products, helping control greenhouse gases and other emissions.
• Smaller, lighter containers are easier to carry and store at home.
• With Effective™ the consumer can clean clothes with less detergent at a lower cost.
Effective™ Mega laundry detergent represents groundbreaking research, advanced ingredient and packaging combined with innovative manufacturing practices, is living out our commitment to deliver valuable products to our customers while reducing their environmental footprint. These practices help sustain our environment for future generations.

As you shop, look for Effective™ having the same value the larger one. Think Green. Help save the environment. Available at your local stores or online store Magic555

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