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Why do you need to use an Eco-friendly All Purpose Cleaner?

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Eco-friendly all purpose cleaner is safe to use on sensitive and finished surfaces and they won’t harm your pets or children. Unlike with most of traditional all purpose cleaner that is full of toxic chemicals. You can even notice a label with so many warnings about poisonous, harsh, corrosive and noxious chemicals that are included on most store-bought cleaners.

Eco-friendly all purpose cleaner uses natural, biodegradable and non toxic substances as their active ingredients. In fact, many common household cleaners have disinfected properties, including baking soda, citrus extracts and vinegar.Magic 555 All Purpose Cleaner

It is also a relief that your kids can be around when you’re cleaning and using an Eco-friendly all purpose cleaner. A kid loves to hang around with their parents. Giving them a sponge and a little squirt of cleaner is a good bonding moment for you and your little one. For sure, they will watch you and imitate your every move.

If you are still using a traditional all purpose cleaner, it’s time to say goodbye and switch to green products like Magic 555 All Purpose Cleaner.